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Recommendations to the authors

Submitting the articles

The journal publishes articles that have not been published previously and that are submitted directly by the authors

The articles are reviewed anonymously by at least two referees who decide whether or not they will be published and who may ask for modifications to be made.

The journal accepts articles in French, English and possibly in other widely used languages.

Each article must contain

  • A title in French and in English

  • key words in French and English (no more than 6)

  • A summary of 500 to 600 letters in French and in English

The complete address of the authors including their first names, their e-mail addresses, phone numbers and their telephone numbers as well as a personal address to which we can send you your copies.

You must send the paper to the journal at Christiane Boghossian by email ( in two electronic versions : one version in Latex or in Word and another one version anonymously (without name and institutional affiliation) in pdf.

Indications for the lay out

The articles can be carried out in one of the following: Word, Tex or Latex

The journal provides the authors with a style sheet for Latex

Insert the diagrams and figures at the appropriate places in an image format. Do not forget to mention them in the text.

The margins are as follows: 3 cm the top of the page, 3cm at the bottom, 3cm to the left and to the right

The font to be used: Times 12 points, space between the lines 13 points

First page

Title of the article in capital letters, centered, not underlined, 7cm from the top of the page

The names of the author(s) in centered capital letters under the title, after a space of two lines comprising 13 points.

RÉSUMÉ / SUMMARY: indented 1 cm and in capital letters 10 points, followed by the text in small italics 10 points

MOTS CLÉS/KEY WORDS: indented 1cm, capital letters 10 points,  after the résumé or summary.

FOOTNOTES (pages numbered automatically) : the bottom of the first page should contain the complete name and address of the author  and the institution where the work has been done and possibly your email-address

The following pages

There should be no reference to the page number in the article since the publishing committee automatically numbers the pages of the journal as a whole which destroys the author's own page numbers

1.Title of the section: capital letters 12 points, left justified. The following paragraph aligned with the margins; the others indented 1cm

2.title of the subsection: small capital letters12 points. For the paragraph, see above.

3.Title of the sub-subsection: small italics 12 points. For the paragraph, see above.

4.Words such as: THEOREM, LEMMA, PROPOSITION : capital letters followed by the text. The following section with justified margins.


Center the word “BIBLIOGRAPHY”, capital letters 12 points, over the list of references.

Place all the references at the end of the article in alphabetic order.

Do not assign numbers to the bibliography

Within the text, bibliographical references should be within brackets [the name of the author, followed by the publishing date of the article].

1. For a book:

GAREY M.-R., JOHNSON D.-S., Computers and intractability: a guide to the theory of NP-completeness, San Francisco, Freeman and Company, 1979.

Note that you must use the full name of the editor, do not write PUF, but Presses Universitaires de France. No other punctuation marks than the comma and the point.

2. For an article published in a journal:

LAMAISON P., “Les stratégies matrimoniales dans un système complexe de parenté : Ribennes en Gévaudan (1650-1830)”, Annales Économies, Sociétés, Civilisations 4, 1979, p. 721-743.

For the titles of the journals, use the abbreviations from the Bulletin Signalétique du CNRS.

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