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Recommendations to authors

Typeface: Time New Roman - Body 12 - line spacing 1.15;

Number of characters: between 30,000 and 40,000 characters (notes and spaces included).

The article must be preceded by a summary in French and English, of approximately 400 characters each (including spaces), and five (5) keywords each.

The margins of the A4 page are: 2 cm at the top, 2 cm at the bottom, 2 cm at the left, 1.5 cm at the right.

The article has two levels of titles at most: the first level: in capital letters, font 10, bold style preceded and followed by a space of 6 pts; the second level: in lower case, font 12, in lower case, bold style, preceded by a space of 6pts.

The title of the article: in capital letters, font 10, in bold style, line spacing 1.15 if it is on two lines.

The words "introduction" and "conclusion" should not appear.

Footnotes and parenthetical references:

  • The footnotes are at the bottom of the page and follow a consecutive number corresponding to that of the note call in the text composed in upper Arabic numerals (exponent) without parentheses;

  • Footnotes are used for information or comments and are written in Times New Roman, font 10, single-spaced;

  • the parenthetical references are located in the body of the article: at the end of quote and in parentheses. In the latter case, you must indicate the author (followed by a comma), the date (followed by two points), and the page number (Name, date: p.). If the name of the author is followed by a quote, the number of the page is located at the end of the text, in parentheses;


  • changes within a quote must be enclosed in square brackets: [...];

  • Quotations of more than three lines are not enclosed in quotation marks, but entered in italics, body 11, single spacing, preceded and followed by a space of 6 pts, a left and right indentation of 1cm, and no paragraph for the first sentence;

  • to insert a word or quotation in another quotation: use the French quotation marks ("...") for the main quote and the English quotation marks ("...") for the second quote.

Non-breaking space:

  • a non-breaking space must follow the following punctuation marks: period, comma, semicolon;

  • The titles are not followed by punctuation marks.

Bibliographical references at the end of the article:

  • The bibliography is presented in an alphabetical order of authors' names. In the case of an anonymous work (such as Symposium Proceedings for example), the title of the publication must be taken into account. Defined or indefinite articles and noble particles should not be considered in alphabetical order;

  • Presentation of the reference: name of author (small caps) comma, first name (reduced or not to the initial followed by a period) comma, title of the work in italics or "title of the article in quotation marks" and without italic comma, comma edition, place of edition comma, year of edition period. In the case of an article, the year is followed by a comma and pagination followed by a period;

  • If the book has less than three authors, the names and surnames of the authors must be separated by commas. If the book has more than three authors, only the first follow-up of the formula et al. in italics.

Reference of a contribution in a collective work:

1 ° - the name (in small capitals) and the name of the author or authors, comma,

2 ° - the title of the contribution (in roman numerals and in quotation marks), comma,

3 ° - the indication "in" in italics (if it is a periodical), or "in" (if it is a work), followed by the name and first name of the director of publication (in small capital letters), followed by the statement (dir (s).) in parentheses, comma; for the continuation of the reference, follow the same indications as for the other publications.

Electronic reference:

It is subject to the same rules as those mentioned above, with the obligatory indication of the URL to which the document is accessible, placed in square brackets and introduced by the "Available on" formula.

Observation: do not introduce any other formatting (box, underline, space superior to 6 pts, ...).

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