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Scientific and Reading Committee

President: SADI Nabil (U. Bejaia)


  • Pr. AGGARWAL Kusum (U. Delhi)

  • Dr. AMMOUDEN Amar (U. Bejaia)

  • Dr. AMMOUDEN M’hend (U. Bejaia)

  • Dr. AOUN-KASRI Kheira (U. Bejaia)

  • Dr. BEKTACHE Mourad (U. Bejaia)

  • Dr. BELKHAMSA Karima (U. Bejaia)

  • Pr. BENTAIFOUR Belkacem (ENS-Alger),

  • Dr. BERKAI Aziz (U. Bejaia)

  • Pr. CHARNAY Thierry (U. Lille 3)

  • Pr. DELCAMBRE Isabelle (U. Lille 3)

  • Pr. DERRADJI Yacine (U. Constantine)

  • Dr. BOULAABI Ridha (U. Grenoble Alpes)

  • Pr. HADDADOU Mohand Akli (U. Tizi Ouzou)

  • Dr. HAOUCHI-MERZEG Aida (U. Bejaia)

  • Pr. IRANI Farida (U. Delhi)

  • Pr. MANGENOT François (U. Grenoble Alpes),

  • Dr. MEKSEM Zahir (U. Bejaia)

  • Pr. MOUSSA Sarga (CNRS-Lyon),

  • Dr. OURTIRENE Souhila (U. Bejaia)

  • Pr. OUTALEB-PELLE Aldjia (U. TIzi-Ouzou)

  • Dr. SADI Nabil (U. Bejaia)

  • Pr. SEGARRA Marta (U. Barcelone)

  • Pr. TENKOUL Abderrahmane (U. Kenitra)

  • Pr.THIRARD Marie Agnès (U. Lille 3)

  • Pr. TSOFACK Jean-Benoît (U. Dschang)

  • Pr. ZEKRI Khalid (U. Meknès)

Honorary Chairman: Recteur de l’Université Abderrahmane Mira – Bejaia

Publishing Director: Doyen de la Faculté des lettres et des langues

Editor: SADI Nabil

Editorial Board: AIT MOULA Zakia, BELHOCINE Mounya, BELKHAMSA Karima, BENNACER Mahmoud, CHERIFI Hamid, KACI Fadéla, KHAROUNI Nouara, HADDAD Mohand, MAKHLOUFI Nassima, SERIDJ Fouad, SLAHDJI Dalil, ZOURANENE Tahar.

Functioning of the Scientific and Reading Committee

Multilinguales scientific and reading committee is international. It is composed of 26 university experts from seven (7) countries: 14 are affiliated to four (4) Algerian universities, and 12 to seven (9) foreign universities.

The members of the committee are francophones, the language in which the journal is written being French, and each of them is specialized in one of the areas covered by the journal, namely linguistics, sociolinguistics, ethnolinguistics, psycholinguistics, different literary theories, pedagogical and didactic sciences, interpreting, traductology, and automatic language processing.

The scientific and reading committee validate the text of the call for papers for the thematic issues proposed by the president / editor-in-chief of the journal. Its members are asked, according to their specialty, to give their opinion on the article after a first reading.

For each anonymous article, the opinion of two experts is required. Each one of them informs for this purpose a sheet of expertise (see below). This is sent to the author anonymously by the editor.

In the case where the two experts make reservations that require corrections in the article, it is again submitted to them for a final opinion, after modification by the author.

When the two experts give contradictory opinions, a third expert is called upon; the definitive opinion is then that of the majority.

In addition, the scientific and reading committees are assisted, in the finalization of the article, by a publishing committee (local) exclusively responsible for the formatting of the article. This committee has the prerogative, in consultation with the chairman of the scientific committee and reading / editor, to make corrections at the strictly formal level (spelling, syntax, formatting typographic,).

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