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Multilinguales is a multilingual and interdisciplinary scientific journal. It aims to be a unifying tool for a multilingual reflection (in English, Arabic, French and Tamazight). It aims to linguistics, literary texts science, didactics of languages and of texts, interpreting and translation. The choice of multilingualism is strategic; the Algerian multilingualism requires the emergence of more research to optimize the myriad scientific, pedagogic and didactic knowledge capitalized by basic and applied research analyses developed around each of those languages. Multilinguales Journal is also open to investigations in linguistics, sociolinguistics, ethnolinguistics, psycholinguistics, literary theories, literary anthropology, didactics of languages and of texts, interpreting, translation, automatic language processing and ICT. It’s a thematic journal. Exceptionally, the journal publishes miscellaneous and special issues

Latest issue
14 | 2020
Enseignement universitaire et professionnalisation : enjeux, questionnements et défis socio-économiques

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