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The Geo-Intelligence of Augmented Reality, Social Network Mapping, and Location Based Services

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This special issue will focus on a matter of critical concern to the intelligence community, including both government intelligence and business intelligence practitioners. How can geographical analysis of social networks, location aware services, and augmented reality be used to create useful intelligence? As augmented reality provides real time mapping into the real world of complex data sets, what might be the implications for intelligence analysis or operations?

Key-words : Intelligence, Social Networking, Augmented Reality.

Research Questions: The applications emerging are broad, but for this special issue of NETCOM we are interested in the fusion of Geographical analysis, social networks and augmented reality. We are interested in papers that can offer insights into any of these questions or areas of interest:

  • Analysis and "Sense Making" Mapping including: (1) Technologies (or approaches) for automated analysis of social media, including social networks, providing such analysis leads to a solution in geographical mapping or augmented reality; (2) Survey of advanced technologies that "data mine" and create 3-D geographical displays of social media for deriving intelligence for either government or business purposes.

  • Display of Multiple Networks including: (1) Inter-social Media systems and portals connect whole or parts of one social media system with another - how can this be charted and mapped?; (2) What is a geographical representation of social networks mapped into augmented reality?; (3) What are the development tools, applications, and data sets used to transform geocyberspace into augmented reality?

  • Organizational Impact including: (1) Geocyberspace mapping of organizational use of social media or augmented reality; (2) What tools are available for an organization to make best use of the intelligence gathered?

Guest Editors: Edward M. Roche, Ecole de Management, Grenoble and Rita Bush, IARPA/ODNI Washington, D.C.

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