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Founded in 2003 at the Institut Choiseul, Nordiques is published since 2012 by the association Norden and the Caen City Library.

The review is interdisciplinary in its scope and focuses on the Nordic (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) and Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). Run by researchers specialised in the region who are backed up by scientific and reading committees representing different academic fields, Nordiques has become an internationally known review in its domain.

With two annual volumes, it offers French-speaking researchers and the larger reading public articles fulfilling high academic standards on the contemporary Nordic societies, arts and literatures. Its special numbers have treated such varying topics as “Nordic languages in the age of globalisation”, “Equality and parity in Sweden”, “Iceland in crisis” and “New approaches to citizenship in the Nordic countries”.

Editorial policy

Interdisciplinary in its scope, Nordiques is particularly interested in contemporary Nordic societies and covers the human and social sciences in all their diversity. It also analyses the relations between France and the Nordic countries, proposing nuanced perceptions of the often idealised Nordic societies.


Nordiques is published online and accessible free of charge.

The articles are published in two formats:

  • PDF for downloading and printing.

  • HTML for reading on the screen.

The volumes are also available in ePub versions.


Submitting a contribution entails that the author accepts the publishing conditions of the review, both online on the OpenEdition platform and in free access. Royalties shall not be paid.

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