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Feather Creations. Materials, Production and Circulation. New York, Hispanic Society-Institute of Fine Arts 17-19/06/2004

Some Aspects of the Art of Feather Works in Prehispanic Mexico

Algunos aspectos sobre el arte plumaria en el México prehispánico
Lourdes Navarijo Ornelas


In a universal way feathers have been includes in different utilitarian and symbolic aspects. For that reason, the importance of the use of feathers in prehispanic Mexico is exposed based in the dress and head wear that some personages that are painted in the mural painting of the tomb 5 at Suchilquitongo in Oaxaca and in the rooms of Bonampak, Chiapas. The study is centered in tree points: the quantity of feathers used in the confection of the headdress; the results indicate the biological identity of the birds; whose feathers were used. The results a reliable development of the oaxaqueño y maya art, where the headdress reliable indications of identity and social condition of the personages aside that the headdress is a auxiliary elements to establish symbolic particular association.

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Lourdes Navarijo Ornelas, « Some Aspects of the Art of Feather Works in Prehispanic Mexico »Nuevo Mundo Mundos Nuevos [En ligne], Colloques, mis en ligne le 30 janvier 2006, consulté le 25 septembre 2023. URL : ; DOI :

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