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Culture : modes d’emploi. La patrimonialisation à l’épreuve du terrain
Session 4 – Dilemnes participatifs et jeux de légitimation

Construire et inventer le patrimoine zápara. Acteurs, intérêts, conflits en Amazonie équatorienne

Construir e inventar el patrimonio zápara. Actores, intereses y conflictos en Amazonía ecuatoriana
The Construction and Invention of Zapara Heritage. Actors, Interests, Conflicts in Amazonian Ecuador
Anne-Gaël Bilhaut


Fifteen years after the proclamation of their oral manifestations as “Masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity” the Zapara people continues to make its culture recognized as a heritage, in two other ways: from the university, where a new Zápara generation is acting, as well as from governmental administration, which tries with some difficulty to insert heritage in participatory processes. We will present an ethnography of each of these ways to make Zápara culture a heritage. This process relies on diverging, personal, collective, institutional interests,which all converge on the need of a safeguarding plan of the culture, constantly reinvented by the Zápara. We will also consider the role and place of the researcher when involved in collaborations with the communities, and on the ethical and political implications of these collaborations, in particular in conflict situations.

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Anne-Gaël Bilhaut
Colloque final du projet ANR FABRIQ’AM
La fabrique des patrimoines dans les Amériques indiennes aujourd’hui

(Durée : 27'15'')

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Anne-Gaël Bilhaut, Construire et inventer le patrimoine zápara. Acteurs, intérêts, conflits en Amazonie équatorienne Nuevo Mundo Mundos Nuevos [Online], Workshops, Online since 13 February 2017, connection on 18 October 2021. URL:; DOI:

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About the author

Anne-Gaël Bilhaut

URA-IKIAM, EREA/Laboratoire d'ethnologie et de sociologie comparative-LESC (UMR 7186-CNRS/Univ. Paris 10)

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