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Colloques | 2017
Session 4 – Dilemnes participatifs et jeux de légitimation
Claudia Briones

“Spirituality... we do not have such a thing”: Patrimonialization processes as minefields

"Nosotros espiritualidad no tenemos": Los procesos de patrimonialización como campos minados


Based on various situations and initiatives, which show the dynamics of the politics of recognition of indigenous patrimony, I identify several paradoxes. First, those arising from the languages enabled by the political struggle for indigenous rights. Then, the metacultural disputes which become apparent in and through that struggle. Finally, the tensions that result unavoidably from the attempt to equalize different economies of value and affection, and different regimes of historicity. On this basis, I propose a critical reading of the contemporary governmentality, by means of exploring invisibilized claims. I focus on the invisibilization of claims that put into question a given patrimonialization, or that aim at the patrimonialization of what is seen as a flaw of the hegemonic attempts of fixing accents about history, places of memory, or the environment. Once the unstable horizons of meaning linked to patrimonialization processes are identified, I explore some alternatives to walk through these “minefields”, inherited from previous wars and current skirmishes.

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Conférence de Claudia Briones
Colloque final du projet ANR FABRIQ’AM
La fabrique des patrimoines dans les Amériques indiennes aujourd’hui

(Durée : 41'33'')

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Claudia Briones, « “Spirituality... we do not have such a thing”: Patrimonialization processes as minefields », Nuevo Mundo Mundos Nuevos [En ligne], Colloques, mis en ligne le 13 février 2017, consulté le 23 juin 2018. URL : ; DOI : 10.4000/nuevomundo.70171

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Claudia Briones

Instituto de Investigaciones en Diversidad Cultural y Procesos de Cambio, Universidad Nacional de Río Negro-CONICET, Argentine

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