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Historical record of Œconomia

Œconomia ® was launched in June 2010, at the initiative of Annie Cot, Alain Béraud, Jérôme Lallement, Bruno Tinel, Bernard Gazier, Pierre Dockès and Jean-Sébastien Lenfant. The title is the property of Association Œconomia.

The first issue was published in March 2011. Until December 2013, the journal has been published by Necplus Editions as a print and online journal. Since January 2014, Œconomia is published by OpenEdition and it is available as a free access journal. Starting from January 2015, it will be commercialized by OpenEdition Freemium.

Below is a list of people involved in the journal since March 2011 with their responsibilities (Abbreviation codes: CE = Chief Ed. AE = Associate ED., BRE = Book Review Ed., EBM = Editorial Board Member, ME = Managing Editor, MEA = Managing Editor Assistant.)

Amanar Akhabbar (ME 2011-2016)

François Allisson (ME 2012-present, EBM 2017-present)

Jean Baccelli (BRE 2017-present, EBM 2018-present)

Maria Bach (BRE 2018-present)

Antoinette Baujard (EBM 2011-present)

Alain Béraud (founding member, AE 2011-present)

Olav Bjerkholt (EBM 2011-2018)

Mauro Boianovsky (EBM 2011-present)

Pascal Bridel (founding member, AE 2011-2018)

Nicolas Brisset (MEA 2011-2016)

Cléo Chassonnery-Zaïgouche (MEA 2013-2015, ME 2015-present, EBM 2018-present)

Paul Cheney (EBM 2011-present)

Béatrice Cherrier (EBM 2018-present)

Annie Cot (founding member, AE 2011-present)

Muriel Dal-Pont Legrand (EBM 2011-present)

John Davis (EBM 2011-present)

Thomas Delcey (MEA 2017-present)

Maxime Desmarais-Tremblay (MEA, 2013-2017, ME 2017-present, EBM 2018-present)

Pierre Dockès (founding member, AE 2011-2016, EBM 2016-2018)

Pedro Garcia Duarte (EBM 2011-present)

Guido Erreygers (EBM 2011-2013, BRE 2012-2018, AE 2013-present)

Evelyn Forget (AE 2013-present)

Samuel Ferey (EBM 2011-2018, BRE 2011-2012)

Giuseppe Fontana (EBM 2011-2017)

Magda Fontana (EBM 2018-present)

James Forder (EBM 2018-present)

Marion Gaspard (EBM 2011-present)

Bernard Gazier (founding member, EBM 2011-2017)

Gaël Giraud (EBM 2011-2018)

Natalie Gold (EBM 2011-present)

Christopher Godden (EBM 2011-2017, BRE 2012-2017)

Marco Guidi (EBM 2011-present)

Harald Hagemann (EBM 2011-present)

D. Wade Hands (EBM 2018-present)

Cyril Hédoin (EBM 2014-present, BRE coordinator 2014-present, EBM 2016-present)

Floris Heukelom (EBM 2011-2018, BRE 2012- 2014)

Brian Hill (EBM 2011-2015, BRE 2012-2015)

Marianne Johnson (EBM 2017-2018, AE 2018-present)

Jan Horst Keppler (EBM 2011-2018)

Jérôme Lallement (founding member, AE 2011-2017, EBM 2017-present)

Jean-Sébastien Lenfant (founding member, CE 2011-present)

Harro Maas (AE 2017-present)

Magdalena Malecka (EBM 2018-present, BRE 2018-present)

Alain Marciano (EBM, 2014-present)

Thierry Martin (EBM 2011-2018)

Clara Mattei (BRE 2017-present)

Steven G. Medema (EBM 2011-2013, AE 2013-present)

Perry Mehrling (EBM 2017-present)

Manuela Mosca (EBM 2018-present)

Ivan Moscati (EBM 2011-2018)

Guillaume Noblet (EMA 2017-present)

Arnaud Orain (EBM 2018-present)

Sandra Peart (EBM 2017-present)

David Philippy (EMA 2017-present)

Emmanuel Picavet (AE 2013-present)

Claire Pignol (EBM 2018-present)

Ted Porter (EBM 2011-2018)

Estefania Santacreu-Vasut (EBM 2011-2017)

Francesco Sergi (EMA 2014-2017, EM 2017-present, EBM 2018-present)

Pedro Nuno Teixeira (EBM 2011-present)

Bruno Tinel (founding member, EBM 2011-2018)

Hans-Michael Trautwein (AE 2013-present)

Estrella Trincado (EBM 2011-2016)

Masazumi Wakatabe (EBM 2011-2017)

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