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Historical record of Œconomia

Œconomia ® was launched in June 2010, at the initiative of Annie Cot, Alain Béraud, Jérôme Lallement, Bruno Tinel, Bernard Gazier, Pierre Dockès and Jean-Sébastien Lenfant. The title is the property of Association Œconomia.

The first issue was published in March 2011. Until December 2013, the journal has been published by Necplus Editions as a print and online journal. Since January 2014, Œconomia is published by OpenEdition and it is available as a free access journal. Starting from January 2015, it will be commercialized by OpenEdition Freemium.

Below is a list of people involved in the journal since March 2011 with their responsibilities (Abbreviation codes: CE = Chief Ed. AE = Associate ED., BRE = Book Review Ed., EBM = Editorial Board Member, ME = Managing Editor, MEA = Managing Editor Assistant.)

Amanar Akhabbar (ME 2011-2016)

François Allisson (ME since 2012, EBM since 2017)

Jean Bacelli (BRE since 2017)

Antoinette Baujard (EBM since 2011)

Alain Béraud (founding member, AE since 2011)

Olav Bjerkholt (EBM since 2011)

Mauro Boianovsky (EBM since 2011)

Pascal Bridel (founding member, AE since 2011)

Nicolas Brisset (MEA 2011-2016)

Cléo Chassonnery-Zaïgouche (MEA 2013-2015, ME since 2015)

Paul Cheney (EBM since 2011)

Annie Cot (founding member, AE since 2011)

Muriel Dal-Pont Legrand (EBM since 2011)

John Davis (EBM since 2011)

Thomas Delcey (MEA since 2017)

Maxime Desmarais-Tremblay (MEA, 2013-2017, ME since 2017)

Pierre Dockès (founding member, AE 2011-2016, EBM since 2016)

Pedro Garcia Duarte (EBM since 2011)

Guido Erreygers (EBM 2011-2013, BRE since 2012, AE since 2013)

Evelyn Forget (AE since 2013)

Samuel Ferey (EBM since 2011, BRE 2011-2012)

Giuseppe Fontana (EBM 2011-2017)

Marion Gaspard (EBM since 2011)

Bernard Gazier (founding member, EBM 2011-2017)

Gaël Giraud (EBM since 2011)

Natalie Gold (EBM since 2011)

Christopher Godden (EBM since 2011, BRE since 2012)

Marco Guidi (EBM since 2011)

Harald Hagemann (EBM since 2011)

Cyril Hédoin (EBM since 2014, BRE since 2014)

Floris Heukelom (EBM since 2011, BRE 2012- 2014)

Brian Hill (EBM since 2011, BRE since 2012)

Marianne Johnson (EBM since 2017)

Jan Horst Keppler (EBM since 2011)

Jérôme Lallement (founding member, AE 2011-2017, EBM since 2017)

Jean-Sébastien Lenfant (founding member, CE since 2011)

Harro Maas (AE since 2017)

Alain Marciano (EBM, since 2014)

Thierry Martin (EBM since 2011)

Clara Mattei (BRE since 2017)

Steven G. Medema (EBM 2011-2013, AE since 2013)

Perry Mehrling (EBM since 2017)

Ivan Moscati (EBM since 2011)

Guillaume Noblet (EMA since 2017)

Sandra Peart (EBM since 2017)

David Philippy (EMA since 2017)

Emmanuel Picavet (AE since 2013)

Ted Porter (EBM since 2011)

Estefania Santacreu-Vasut (EBM 2011-2017)

Francesco Sergi (EMA 2014-2017, EM since 2017)

Pedro Nuno Teixeira (EBM since 2011)

Bruno Tinel (founding member, EBM since 2011)

Hans-Michael Trautwein (AE since 2013)

Estrella Trincado (EBM since 2011)

Masazumi Wakatabe (EBM 2011-2017)

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