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Eau et Vulnérabilité dans les Amériques
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Water for a sustainable world

Notice révisée le 10/07/2015

The report sets an aspirational yet achievable vision for the future of water towards 2050 by describing how water supports healthy and prosperous human communities, maintains well functioning ecosystems and ecological services, and provides a cornerstone for short and long-term economic development. It provides an overview of the challenges, issues and trends in terms of water resources, their use and water-related services like water supply and sanitation. The report also offers, in a rigorous yet accessible manner, guidance about how to address these challenges and to seize the opportunities that sound water management provides in order to achieve and maintain economic, social and environmental sustainability.
Auteur : UNESCO
Autorisations : Licence CC-BY-SA 3.0
Nb de pages : 139
Date de publication : 2015
Date de consultation : 29/06/2015

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