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17 | 2015
L'héritage du thatchérisme

The Thatcher Legacy
Edited by Raphaëlle Espiet-Kilty
Couverture 17
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ISBN 978-295404876-5

On 8th April 2013, Margaret Thatcher died and a storm of controversy erupted over her funeral and her putative, continued influence. Twenty-three years after she had been forced to leave office, why was Britain still not able to turn its back on Thatcherism ? Was her legacy still all-pervasive ? And yet, the party in office at the time, her party, had done its best to distance itself from Thatcherism. David Cameron had clearly moved to the centre-ground. Opposition leader, Ed Miliband, had similarly rejected New Labour and its acceptance of part of Thatcher's economic policies, going as far as to promise the renationalisation of certain strategic industries. It is thus difficult to argue that Thatcherism was still alive and well at the time of her death. This book addresses this issue, and attempts to respond to one key question, namely is Thatcherism now history ?

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