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The journal Observatoire de la société britannique is a peer-reviewed journal of British area studies. It publishes scientific articles in English and in French which cover political, economic and social matters in contemporary Britain. The journal has a unique position in the current scientific landscape: it offers academics the opportunity to discuss the methodology used in the field of social sciences, and, with an insistence on international comparisons, enriches British civilisation studies in French academia.
The journal is published biannually. It also issues the proceedings of the international symposiums organised by the Observatoire de la société britannique network (see “Le réseau OSB” for a description of the academic consortium).

Latest issue
27 | 2021
The Conservative Party and the Brexit Crisis

Le Parti conservateur et la crise du Brexit
Edited by Alma-Pierre Bonnet and Agnès Alexandre-Collier

After more than three years of political uncertainty, Boris Johnson finally managed to “get (his) Brexit done”. It took no fewer than three British Prime Ministers to accomplish this difficult task. The Conservative Party, in power throughout the Brexit crisis, seems to have been deeply affected by this complicated process.

Brexit has indeed exacerbated years, if not decades, of internal conflicts and simmering tensions. The ideological opposition between staunch Eurosceptic pressure groups, such as the ERG, and more moderate MPs has left an indelible mark on the party. Healing the wounds of the Brexit crisis might prove to be an insuperable mission, even for Boris Johnson who never ceased to convey the image of the country’s “strongman”.

Thanks to a multidisciplinary approach, this issue of the Observatoire de la Société Britannique examines the way the Conservative Party handled the Brexit situation. The aim of the different contributions is to analyse how the so-called “natural party of government” endured one of the most serious political crises in recent history.

This issue is organised in three main sections tackling the communication of the Tories, assessing the evolution of their political ideology and questioning their future prospects.

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