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The journal Observatoire de la société britannique is a peer-reviewed journal of British area studies. It publishes scientific articles in English and in French which cover political, economic and social matters in contemporary Britain. The journal has a unique position in the current scientific landscape: it offers academics the opportunity to discuss the methodology used in the field of social sciences, and, with an insistence on international comparisons, enriches British civilisation studies in French academia.
The journal is published biannually. It also issues the proceedings of the international symposiums organised by the Observatoire de la société britannique network (see “Le réseau OSB” for a description of the academic consortium).

Latest issue
26 | 2021
Living together in the UK in the 2020s

Vivre ensemble au Royaume-Uni dans les années 2020
Edited by Nathalie Duclos and Vincent Latour

This issue of the Observatoire de la Société Britannique proposes a multi-faceted selection of complementary contributions on living together in the UK in the early 2020s, at a time when cohesion seems increasingly questioned and jeopardised. Since the 2016 EU referendum pre-existing divides (notably territorial, generational and social divides) have become even more blatant. The very future of the Union seems to be at stake, as the possibility of a new referendum on Scotland's independance and the prospect of a reunited Ireland have been revived. Other cleavages have been brought to light since the EU referendum. Several reports such as those produced by the Equality and Human Rights Commission and the Social Metrics Commission have underlined, respectively, the persistence of racial discrimination and prejudice and the aggravation of poverty and social marginalisation, not least as a result of post-Brexit xenophobia and of the austerity policies deployed by successive governments in the past decades.

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