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The journal Observatoire de la société britannique is a peer-reviewed journal of British area studies. It publishes scientific articles in English and in French which cover political, economic and social matters in contemporary Britain. The journal has a unique position in the current scientific landscape: it offers academics the opportunity to discuss the methodology used in the field of social sciences, and, with an insistence on international comparisons, enriches British civilisation studies in French academia.
The journal is published biannually. It also issues the proceedings of the international symposiums organised by the Observatoire de la société britannique network (see “Le réseau OSB” for a description of the academic consortium).

Latest issue
21 | 2018
The United Kingdom of Theresa May

Le Royaume-Uni de Theresa May
Edited by Timothy Whitton

Theresa May’s time as Prime Minister will be completely overshadowed by the Brexit negotiations. She took over from David Cameron knowing that withdrawal from the European Union would be no easy task given the divisions and fault lines that the referendum would inevitably leave in its wake and her failed bid to obtain a clear Brexit working majority in the 2017 General Elections bears the hallmark of the maelstrom to come. Tensions between the four nations of the United Kingdom have been exacerbated, and bickering within her own party has also undermined her authority to the extent that government business is not « as usual ».

This issue of the Observatoire de la Société Britannique addresses what is at stake in the Brexit negociations and highlights the confusion and uncertainties that stem from the distinct lack of contingency plans should ever the British electorate vote to leave. This is what contemporary British politics boil down to and May’s future will depend on her ability to ride the Brexit storm while dealing with the collateral damage that it will inevitably inflict on all walks of British society.

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