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Jean-Jacques Cleyet-Merle
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1As I informed readers in issues 21 and 22 of PALEO, the management and funding of the review is now in the hands of the National Prehistory Museum. The Ministry for Culture and Communication officially created a Museum authority (on the 5th January 2012) to collect revenues from the sale of the review and books since 1989. Most of the assets of the SAMRA were handed over to this new authority. I express warm thanks to the Society of the Friends of the Museum and the recently deceased president, Jacques Henri Baumel (cf. no. 21).

2This complementary financial support will make it possible to implement an ambitious publication program made up of:

  • an enhanced bulletin no. 23, which confirms the regularity of publications;

  • a nearly completed special issue (a tribute to Norbert Aujoulat), due to be published during the first quarter of 2013;

  • the preparation of new special issues during the course of 2013 and 2014 and, in particular, the “Quercy” (publication planned for the first quarter 2013), “Prehistoric Arts: micro-analyses, contexts and conservation”. Collective work of synthesis from the ANR MADAPCA 2007-2012 program (P. Paillet dir.); Arcy/Cure (A. Leroi-Gourhan excavation description directed by Michèle Jullien);

  • the future no. 24, for which we already have several articles.

3We are also currently considering the creation of a “Paleo collection”, which would include the ever successful exhibition catalogs from the National Prehistory Museum.

4Another important step towards reinforcing the international status of Paleo consists in the electronic publication of an English version, from no. 23 onwards, in addition to the existing on line version on PALEO will thus be the first classical French prehistoric archaeology review to target worldwide diffusion. The translation of the first issue is in progress and will be available in several weeks.

5It is noteworthy that this project, made possible by a consequent budget, seems to generate considerable enthusiasm among the English speaking scientific community. Several colleagues from North American institutes (New-York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, New Mexico, Louisiana Universities, etc.) have accepted to supervise the quality and the presentation of the English version of PALEO and we wish to express our thanks to them.

6To this effect, two improvements have been made to the journal: a reinforcement of editorial structures and complementary guidelines for authors.

7In order to take accounting requirements into consideration, PALEO will doubtlessly be published earlier in 2013, probably in the autumn. This will allow for the on line publication of the English version by the end of the year. The calendar for the processing of manuscripts will consequently be modified.

8I renew my gratitude to the editorial committee of the review and to the scientific community accompanying this successful new step towards increased international recognition.

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Jean-Jacques Cleyet-Merle, EditorialPALEO, 23 | 2012, 7-8.

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Jean-Jacques Cleyet-Merle, EditorialPALEO [Online], 23 | 2012, Online since 16 July 2013, connection on 25 September 2022. URL:; DOI:

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