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The Postmedieval Life of Medieval Artefacts

Call for Papers Perspectives Médiévales 41

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1How can we describe, analyze and understand the reception and the modern use of objects made during the Middle Ages? Adopting an epistemological approach to Material Studies, the next issue of Perspectives médiévales will be devoted to medieval material culture, for example, but not limited to, manuscripts and printed books, sacred and secular objects, garments and gear, buildings and frescoes, machines, instruments and tools, etc. Articles may examine circulation, transmission (gift, trade, legacy, displacement by war, theft, etc.), as well as status and valuation (objects valued as priceless or worthless, or considered in a cultural, intellectual or technical perspective).
The appropriation and the definition of the medieval artifacts varies through history. For this reason, articles with a diachronic perspective will be given priority in order to highlight the mutation of status and value in use of these objects after the Middle Ages, depending on their different owners and on the historical context. The constitution of museum collections and of library patrimonial funds is a major aspect of the appropriation and exploitation of these artifacts during the last two centuries. Modifications and intentional alterations of these artifacts may be also be studied (reconstruction, renovation, recomposition, etc.). The study of fake, forged and counterfeited objects is also a welcome perspective for this issue, as well as the study of discourses mentioning allegedly medieval artifacts. To such an end, examinations of anachronisms, propaganda or scientific manipulation are relevant topics.
Thus, the aim of this issue is to understand how the postmedieval reception of medieval artifacts shaped and conditioned our current vision of the Middle Ages.
Article projects (one page in length, including a bibliography) should be sent jointly to Véronique Dominguez-Guillaume ( and Sébastien Douchet ( before July 15, 2019.

Articles in English, French and Italian are accepted.

The submission deadlines are as follow:

• July 15, 2019: submission deadline for initial propositions.

• September 15, 2019: appraisal by the scientific committee of the journal.

• November 15, 2019: submission deadline for articles before evaluation by the scientific committee.

• December 15, 2019: submission deadline for the final version of articles.

• January 15, 2020: online publication

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