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33 | 2009
Littérature et langue du Moyen Âge

Edited by Sébastien Douchet
Couverture du numéro 33
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ISBN électronique 978-2-8218-1414-1 ; ISBN iBookstore 978-2-8218-1415-8

This issue of Perspectives Médiévales was initially published in a CD-Rom version in 2009, when the periodical was beginning its electronic transformation. At the time, it was the bulletin of a scholarly society, the Société des Langues et Littératures d'Oc et d'Oïl. This former version consisted in both scientific publications and articles concerning the Society itself.

In 2010, under the impulse of its president Joëlle Ducos, the periodical began undergoing a complete re-moulding, so that the former bulletin would become an authentic scientific periodical with a scientific committee. The project, led by its editor-in-chief Sébastien Douchet, came to life as a part of the portal.

The 34th and following issues of Perspective Médiévales will propose an active reflection on medieval studies and its practices, hence the subtitle chosen for the periodical: "An epistomological journal dedicated to the languages and literatures of the Middle Ages". However, as the previous issues represent such an important part in the history of the journal, we have decided to re-publish excerpts from those issues, more specifically articles, book reviews and thesis abstracts – everything scientifically interesting to the medievalist society. This 33rd issue is thus the first one to be released as part of the project of electronic re-edition  of the previous bulletins. More will come, including symposium proceedings, that had been released in special issues at the time of their initial publications.

Here, the reader will find two articles dedicated to Spanish and Italian medieval works. These articles are the written versions of two conferences held in 2008, during the yearly general meeting of the SLLMOO.

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