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  • Brésil, Dezenovevinte (Lien externe)
    The website promotes the dissemination and revision of the Brazilian and international art from the nineteenth to the beginning of the twentieth century, as well as primary sources. Since 2006, Dezenovevinte publishes the online magazine 19&20 ( providing studies that offer new interpretations and meanings for the long nineteenth-century Brazilian artistic legacy [Written by Alexander Gaiotto Miyoshi].
  • Brésil, Visualidades (Lien externe)
    Since 2003 Visualidades publishes studies on art and visual culture in twice-yearly periodical. Linked to the Post-Graduate Program in Visual Culture of the University of Goiás, UFG, Visualidades provides quality research in disciplines related to art history in the Central-Western Brazil. Every issue of Visualidades, which includes material in English, French, and Spanish, is available online free of charge ( [Written by Alexander Gaiotto Mi(…)
  • Brésil, Ars (Lien externe)
    The half-yearly journal Ars was created in 2003 to publish works of by art students, artists, critics, and art historians, as well as Portuguese translations of important texts, and visual essays. Ars is published by the Visual Arts Department of the Communication and Arts School of the University of São Paulo, ECA-USP, and is available for free download [Written by Alexander Gaiotto Miyoshi].
  • The web portal Vitruvius began its activities in 2000, mostly to reach architects, professors, students, and researchers in architecture and urbanism. In addition to expert articles, Vitruvius informs on various competitions and events, including design, opera, cinema, theater, and music shows. Vitruvius has gathered the magazines Arquitextos, Drops, Minha Cidade, Entrevistas, Resenhas Online, Projetos, and Arquiteturismo, among others, all fully available for free [Written by Alexander Gaiot(…)
  • Brésil, Concinnitas (Lien externe)
    Founded in 1996, Concinnitas is a biannual publication of the Institute of Arts of the State University of Rio de Janeiro, UERJ. Concinnitas seeks to attract artists, teachers and researchers, as well as the general public, in addition to experts. The journal also publishes visual essays. Previous issues are partially available on the internet [Written by Alexander Gaiotto Miyoshi].
  • Since it was sponsored by the CHAA in 1994, the Journal of Art History and Archaeology is the first and only periodical in Brazil that brings together both fields. It publishes recent studies not only from local researchers and in Portuguese, but also from the other countries and in different languages (the papers are always published in two languages). One of its aims is to put Brazilian and international production in both disciplines in close contact and to promote exchanges between subjec(…)
  • The Post-Graduate Program in Visual Arts of the University of Rio de Janeiro, UFRJ, organises the journal Arte & Ensaios since 1993. Addressed to the academic-scientific community with broad institutional diversity of authorship, including international authors, a paper edition of the journal is published every semester, while the website offers access to a free online versions of previous issues [Written by Alexander Gaiotto Miyoshi].
  • Espagne, Artigrama (Lien externe)
    La revue Artigrama du département d’histoire de l’art de l’université de Saragosse est une des plus prestigieuses au niveau national.


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