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Conditions of publication

Doctoral student articles must be submitted for publication with the permission of their research director, who commits to verifying the academic quality and to correcting any mistakes. No articles will be considered without the research director’s consent. In the case of conference participants or guest researchers, the conference organizer or point-person will be responsible for the propositions.

All articles must be presented in accordance with the editorial standards laid out on our web site. Articles will be read and considered in keeping with international journal criteria; while preserving the anonymity of the author, the members of the academic committee draw up a report determining whether or not to publish the article. In the case of refusals or a request for modification, the reports will be communicated to interested parties without mention of the author’s name.

Two copies of the article, of a maximum of 20 pages, should be sent before 5 September of the current academic year in Format Word (docx) and pdf by email to, with in copy, by the same date.

Once published, the articles are uploaded on the site and integrated and may no longer be modified.


All authors – or copyright holders – retained for publication must sign an authorization for online publication (document may be downloaded in the Annex below, or to be copied on plain paper). The authorization must be sent to the École doctorale de Philosophie by mail or email (a pdf version, signed and scanned when sent by email).

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