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General presentation of the journal

The Journal of the Doctoral School of Philosophy is an on-line journal created in partnership with “Publications de la Sorbonne” who, up until 2013, published a written version.

Its main purpose is to publish papers written by Master students or PhD students, chosen for their excellence, and, when called for, experienced researchers’ works, namely those of guest professors who participate in the Doctoral School of Philosophy’s activities.

Its aim is to help young researchers make their works known and to show the scope of the Doctoral School’s activities, as well as its different components in the fields of Ancient and Modern History of Philosophy, Contemporary Philosophy, Logic, History and Philosophy of Sciences, Moral and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics.

It includes:

  • an editorial board including a publication director, the doctoral school’s research engineer, in charge of uploading materials, a doctoral adjunct and an editorial team composed of professors.

  • An academic review committee composed of statuary members such as the department head, the doctoral school director, the different research lab directors, the directors of the Master’s program, as well as a list of academics chosen among the department’s professors. This list may be revised and modified each year if necessary.

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