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Gabriel Vacariu et Mihai Vacariu
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  • 2 EEG = Electroencephalography.
  • 3 fMRI = Functional magnetic resonance imaging.

1This special issue is dedicated to one of the oldest and most controversial philosophical topics, the mind–body problem. Paradoxically, since Descartes until the present days, nobody has proposed a viable solution to this problem. In the last decades, through the unification of neuroscience and psychology, a new science, cognitive neuroscience, was created to deal with this problem. Using EEG2, fMRI3, and other apparatus, scientists try to grasp the “correlations” between any mental state and some neural patterns of activation. Articles and presentations on the “brain imaging” results (mainly using fMRI) have invaded journals and conferences. There are many optimists (with some quite remarkable results) and few skeptics regarding these results in cognitive neuroscience. Anyway, there are exciting times ahead for people working in this interdisciplinary field.

2In this issue, two articles on the mind–brain relationship are written by scientists: the neuroscientist Edmund T. Rolls and the cognitive neuroscientist Cees van Leeuwen. Some articles on scientific topics are written by philosophers: William Bechtel on endogenously activity of the brain, Kari Theurer & John Bickle on molecular neuroscience reductionism, and Gabriel Vacariu & Mihai Vacariu on the actual status of cognitive neuroscience. Articles on more philosophical topics are written by other philosophers: Bernard Andrieu explores the first-person status from a neuro-experiential viewpoint, Corey Maley & Gualtiero Piccinini evaluate the status of functionalism, while Paula Droege analyzes two quite difficult topics, memory and consciousness.

3The empirical and theoretical knowledge of cognitive neuroscience has been quite changeable in the last years, so we hope that, putting together different viewpoints of scientists and philosophers, this issue will help (young) people on their work in (philosophy of) cognitive neuroscience.


4The editors would like to thank very much Bogdan Amuzescu, Irina Buda, Maria-Luisa Flonta, Lilia Gurova, Gheorghe Stefanov, William R. Uttal, Leon Zagrean, Michal Wierzchon for their help regarding this special issue.

5They also would like to thank Manuel Rebuschi for managing the edition of this issue and Sandrine Avril for the formatting of the articles.

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2 EEG = Electroencephalography.

3 fMRI = Functional magnetic resonance imaging.

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Gabriel Vacariu et Mihai Vacariu, « Introduction  », Philosophia Scientiæ [En ligne], 17-2 | 2013, mis en ligne le 02 novembre 2015, consulté le 21 juin 2018. URL :

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Gabriel Vacariu

Department of Philosophy, University of Bucharest (Romania)

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Mihai Vacariu

National School of Political Science and Public Administration, Bucharest (Romania)1

Scholarship POSDRU/159/1.5/S/134650.

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