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Created in December, 2007, Physio-Géo is a freely accessible on-line magazine. It joined at the beginning of 2010 and was certified by AERES at the end of 2011. It benefits from various other references including the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), American Geosciences Institute (AGI)e, AE Global index, etc.

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Physio-Géo took over, with the agreement of the interested parties (Charles LECŒUR, Alain GODARD and Jean-Jacques DUFAURE), the title of a journal created at the beginning of the 1980s by the URA 141 of the CNRS (Paris).

Physio-Géo is dedicated to research in all domains of physical geography (climatology, hydrology, geomorphology, biogeography), with a clear and expressed interest for environmental problems (past and present), linked to the biophysical environment.

The official language of the review is French, although the first volume also included significant texts in English.

Whatever the subject, the most important selection criteria are originality, the relevance of the reported observations and the coherence of a developed argumentation.

We pay attention to facilitate the publication of articles by colleagues with little expertise in the French language, but who are avid to express themselves in French. This commitment, which necessitates a considerable workload from the revisers and management, is reserved for texts whose content presents a high potential.

To receive the on-line publishing notices by email, please sign up to Physio-Géo using the address at the bottom left hand side of the homepage. For people without access to PDF files, registration allows for obtaining files directly from the review ( This service is assured only within the limits of our availability. It also contains the circulation of information about the scientific world (publications, colloquiums).

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