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Creative Commons Licence

The Editorial Board of has decided to place the review under the "Creative Commons" licence in order to guarantee free access, while respecting and protecting authors' rights by means of an open licence system.

We are convinced of the necessity for free access to and publication of knowledge and therefore wish to make our articles available for use and non-commercial reproduction, while at the same time protecting the intellectual property of authors. The Creative Commons licence fulfils these conditions.

Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0

You are free:

  • to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work

Under the following conditions:

Attribution. You must give the original author credit.

Noncommercial. You may not use this work for commercial purposes.

No Derivative Works. You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.

  • For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work.

  • Any of these conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder.

Your fair use and other rights are in no way affected by the above.

This is a human-readable summary of the Legal Code (the full license).

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