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Issue 24 – Autumn 2024 (Oral History of Soviet and Post-Soviet Wars Project – Issue n°3)

TWENTY-FOURTH ISSUE - “Oral History of Soviet and Post-Soviet Wars Project – Call for Participation to Issue n°3

An Open-Access Oral History Collection & A Participatory Initiative

The project

The oral history project on Soviet and post-Soviet wars, led by Pipss, aims to collect and make available interviews of participants in armed conflicts conducted by researchers during their fieldwork whatever the focus of their research*.

The objectives

1/ To make a history of the war from below and capture the texture of the fighting experience through testimonies.  To document past wars and also make the history of the present time.

2/ To establish a corpus to bequeath to future generations of researchers, who will therefore be able to reappropriate these interviews for their own research.

The corpus of testimonies

• The project does not limit itself to combatants and veterans of these wars but extends the collection of testimonies to military journalists, doctors, nurses, rear staff, members of NGOs, military chaplains, combatants' wives, etc. 

• The project's ambition is also to document both sides of the war. The testimonies of both sides of the Soviet war in Afghanistan, of the two Russian campaigns in Chechnya, and of the war in Ukraine will be collected.

The format of testimonies

Testimonies may be provided in the form of transcripts, video files, sound recordings.


In addition Witness protection is a priority. Several variants can be implemented: 1 – anonymization or pseudonymization at the request of witnesses; 2 – name changes, modification or deletion of identifying information such as place names to ensure greater anonymity.

The "documentation" section

In addition to oral testimonies, the database will comprise a "documentation" component that will include interactive maps, ego-documents, photos, videos, demobilization albums, brochures, etc.

If you are interesting in sharing your interviews or if you have any questions, please contact


Expression of interest deadline: July 30th, 2024

Deadline for interviews sublissioons: October 30th, 2024

Feel free to circulate this call

*Researchers must provide the permission of their interviewees to post interviews online.

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