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Préhistoires méditerranéennes is a journal published on a number of supports, with a peer-review committee based at the Université d’Aix-en-Provence. In 2009, the journal took over from the Préhistoire Anthropologie Méditerranéennes (PAM), which was founded in 1982. It is open to all original contributions focussing on the prehistory of Mediterranean territories. Its ambition is to reflect the multiplicity of the discipline’s activities—from taphonomy to cave art—across the Mediterranean, and covering the full diversity of its geographical, cultural and social contexts. The journal publishes a constant stream of contributions in French and English, which are collated each year in a paper edition. It also offers theme issues and supplements.

Current open issue
11 | 2023 (Open issue)

Editor’s notes

 Numéro ouvert le 20/12/2023

3 latest texts

  • Stéphane Renault and Yaramila Tchérémissinoff
    Éditorial [Full text]
    10 January 2024

Latest issue
10 | 2022

Publication history

 Numéro ouvert le 14/11/2022

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