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  • 16 | 2023
    The Afterlives of Extraction
    Alternatives and Sustainable Futures
    Cover 16
  • 15 | 2023
    The Lives of Extraction
    Identities, Communities and the Politics of Place
    Cover 15
  • 14.1 | 2022
    The Puzzle of Unspent Funds
    Political and Policy Implications of Fiscal Underspending
    Cover 14.1 Unspent Funds

    This special issue explores a matter of critical policy relevance and political importance: the unuse or underuse of public funds, and more specifically of special purpose social funds. The contributions ask: why are there unspent social purpose funds, what do they tell us about the structures of the administrative state, and what can be done to remedy the situation?

  • 14 | 2022
    Governing Migration for Development from the Global Souths
    Challenges and Opportunities
    Cover 14 Migration

    The 14th thematic volume of International Development Policy provides perspectives through case studies from the global South(s) focusing on the challenges and opportunities of governing migration on multiple levels: the subnational, national, regional and international. It explores existing and new policies and frameworks in terms of their successes and best practices, and looks at them through the lens of additional challenges, such as those brought on by the COVID-19 pa(...)

  • 13 | 2021
    Gender in Peacebuilding
    Local Practices in Indonesia and Nigeria
    Cover Gender in Peacebuilding

    Gender, age, class, ethnicity, religion and political ideologies all matter in peacebuilding. Adopting a feminist approach, the 13th volume of International Development Policy analyses such intersecting differences in local contexts to develop a better understanding of how intersectionally gendered dynamics shape and are shaped by peacebuilding. Findings are presented from a six-year collaborative research project that, involving scholars from Indonesia, Nigeria and Switze(...)

  • 13.1 | 2021
    Articles and debates 13.1
    Articles et débats
    cover 13.1
  • 12.2 | 2020
    COVID-19 in Developing Economies
    La Covid-19 dans les économies en développement
    La Covid-19 en las economías en desarrollo
    Cover COVID-19, 12.2 2020

    La Revue internationale de politique de développement et le Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) ont publié un livre COVID-19 in Developing Economies, co-édité par Simeon Djankov et Ugo Panizza.

    Les auteurs y analysent notamment les effets de la pandémie sur la pauvreté, les inégalités et l’économie informelle. Ils interrogent les réponses politiques contre le COVID-19 et leurs consequences macro-économiques et financières. Les 28 chapitres sont disponibles en a(...)

  • 12 | 2020
    Drug Policies and Development
    Conflict and Coexistence
    Drug Policies and Development cover

    The 12th volume of International Development Policy explores the relationship between international drug policy and development goals, both current and within a historical perspective. Contributions address the drugs and development nexus from a range of critical viewpoints, highlighting gaps and contradictions, as well as exploring strategies and opportunities for enhanced linkages between drug control and development programming. Criminalisation and coercive law enforcem(...)

  • 12.1 | 2020
    Articles 12.1
    Articles 12.1
  • 11 | 2019
    The ILO @ 100
    Addressing the Past and Future of Work and Social Protection
    Cover ILO @ 100

    As the International Labour Organization (ILO) celebrates 100 years since its creation, this 11th special issue of International Development Policy explores the Organisation's capacity for action, its effectiveness and its ability to adapt and innovate. The collection of thirteen articles, written by authors from around the world, covers three broad areas: the ILO’s historic context and contemporary challenges; approaches and results in relation to labour and soci(...)

  • 11.1 | 2019
    Articles 11.1
    Cover 11.1
  • 10 | 2018
    African Cities and the Development Conundrum
    Cover African Cities

    The 10th thematic issue of International Development Policy presents a collection of articles exploring some of the complex development challenges associated with Africa's recent but extremely rapid pace of urbanisation that also challenges still predominant but misleading images of Africa as a rural continent. Analysing urban settings through the diverse experiences and perspectives of inhabitants and stakeholders in cities across the continent, the authors consider the e(...)

  • 10.1 | 2018
    Articles 10.1
    Cover 10.1
  • 9 | 2017
    Alternative Pathways to Sustainable Development
    Lessons from Latin America
    cover 9

    Focalizándose en la región andina rica en recursos naturales, esta edición de Política de Desarrollo Internacional examina experiencias y resultados de políticas de desarrollo en países que muestran, no solo constelaciones políticas excepcionalmente variadas, sino también narrativas y estrategias de desarrollo radicalmente diferentes. Las contribuciones a esta edición están organizadas en tres secciones. El primer grupo de artículos examina alternativas de desarrollo en Am(...)

  • 8.2 | 2017
    Sustainable Food Consumption, Urban Waste Management and Civic Activism
    Lessons from Bangalore/Bengaluru, India
    Cover 8.2
  • 8.1 | 2017
    Articles 8.1
    cover 8.1
  • 8 | 2017
    Development as a Battlefield
    cover 8

    Development as a Battlefield  is an innovative exploration of the multidimensional meanings of – and interactions between – conflict and development. The two phenomena are all too often regarded as ostensibly antagonistic. This was exemplified again in the context of the Arab Spring that erupted in December 2010 and was eventually short-lived in several countries of the Middle-East and North-Africa (MENA) region. This volume—the 8th thematic issue of International Developm(...)

  • 7.1 | 2016
    Articles 7.1
    Couv 7.2.
  • 7 | 2017
    Combining Economic and Political Development
    The Experience of MENA
    Couv 7.0
  • 6.2 | 2015
    Articles and Debates 6.2
    Articles et débats
    Cover 6.2
  • 6 | 2015
    Large-Scale Land Acquisitions
    Focus on South-East Asia
    Les acquisitions de terre à grande échelle
    Cover LSLA
  • 5.3 | 2014
    Articles and Debates 5.3
    Articles et débats
    cover 5 | 2014
  • 5.2 | 2014
    Articles and Debates 5.2
    Articles et débats
    Cover 6.1| 2014
  • 5 | 2014
    Education, Learning, Training
    Critical Issues for Development
    Eduquer, apprendre, former
    cover 5 | Education, Learning, Training
  • 4.3 | 2013
    Articles and Debates 4.3
    Articles et débats
    Cover 2013 | 5.2.

    The first section focuses on major development policy issues and presents original, peer-reviewed articles dealing with aid, trade, finance, human rights as well as social and environmental issues.

  • 4.2 | 2013
    Articles and Debates 4.2
    Articles et débats
    Cover 2013 | 5.1

    The first section focuses on major development policy issues and presents original, peer-reviewed articles dealing with aid, trade, finance, human rights as well as social and environmental issues.

  • 4 | 2013
    Religion and development
    Religion et développement
    Couverture Religion et développement

    With the resurgence of religion and rise of fundamentalism within major religions, academic scholars and development agencies are increasingly debating the appropriate role of religion and faith-based organisations in development policy and practice.
    A global cast of scholars and practitioners examine these issues and fundamentally question the secular-religious dichotomy. They shed light on the reluctance of mainstream economic development approaches to incorporate reli(...)

  • 3 | 2012
    Aid, Emerging Economies and Global Policies
    Dossier | L'aide bousculée. Pays émergents et politiques globales - Revue | Évolutions des politiques de développement
    3|2012 L'aide bousculée

    International development cooperation is undergoing a revolution in order to cope with global challenges that cut across the rich/poor and North/South divides. Beyond the fight against poverty, development aid is called upon to address global public goods. While intergovernmental negotiations stall, bilateral and multilateral aid agencies boast to tackle climate change, food insecurity, water and energy scarcity, pandemics, armed conflicts and disasters in weak states, mig(...)

  • 2 | 2011
    Energy and Development
    Dossier | Energie et développement - Revue | Évolutions des politiques de développement
    Couverture n°2 - 2011

    Energy constitutes one of the major challenges for development policy. The pursuit of a development path primarily feeding on abundant, cheap fossil fuels is at odds with diminishing reserves, rising prices and global warming. Managing the growing tensions arising from this situation requires increased cooperation amongst industrialised countries and emerging and developing economies. Authors from varying academic and geographic backgrounds give their perspective on the ma(...)

  • 1 | 2010
    Dossier | Africa: 50 years of independence — Review | Major development policy trends
    Dossier | Afrique : 50 ans d’indépendance — Revue | Évolutions des politiques de développement
    Couverture 2010

    The Series comprises two distinct parts:

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