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Policy Debates
Débats sur les politiques

Policy Debate | Education and Employment Mismatch

Editors' notes

 This policy debate section presents an initial discussion paper written either by a scholar or a policy-maker, followed by critical reactions from academics, reflective practitioners and other stakeholders in a constructive spirit. This debate can be pursued on the Journal’s blog where you are invited to share your reflections under your name.

Authored by McKinsey’s team, the initial paper addresses the Education and Employment Mismatch. McKinsey’s research focused on skill development, with special attention to the mechanisms connecting education to employment. The study claims that the most successful efforts are those where the different stakeholders interact intensively and frequently. Employers get involved in education, and educators play a bigger role in employment.

The paper is followed by critical comments by tree authors, Beatriz Cardoso, Executive Director of Laboratório de Educação, Brazil, Shailaja Fennell lecturer at the Centre of Development Studies, University of Cambridge, UK, and Claudio de Moura Castro, economist, Brazil.

 Readers who are intetested are invited to contribute to this policy debate on our blog < >.

Download the whole debate (pdf)

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