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6 | 2015
Large-Scale Land Acquisitions

Focus on South-East Asia
Les acquisitions de terre à grande échelle

Editors' notes

Large-scale land acquisition, or ‘land grabbing’, has become a key research topic among scholars interested in agrarian change, development, and the environment. The term 'land acquisitions' refers to a highly contested process in terms of governance and impacts on livelihoods and human rights. This book focuses on South-East Asia. A series of thematic and in-depth case studies put ‘land grabbing’ into specific historical and institutional contexts. The volume also offers a human rights analysis of the phenomenon, examining the potential and limits of human rights mechanisms aimed at preventing and mitigating land grabs’ negative consequences.

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Gironde Christophe, Christophe Golay and Peter Messerli (eds), Large-Scale Land Acquisitions: Focus on South-East Asia, International Development Policy series No.6, Geneva: Graduate Institute Publications, Boston: Brill-Nijhoff,

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