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The journal organises conferences and debates between scholars, policymakers and practitioners on key development policy issues, initiated by articles and special issues. It also brings authors and experts together in order to review and discuss the articles for coming special issues.


Conference | African Cities and the Development Conundrum, Launch of International Development Policy’s 10th Edition, Geneva, 4 December.

Conference | Policies for Sustainable Development In Latin America, Communidad Andina, Lima, 9 August.


Conference | Alternative Pathways to Sustainable Development, Rio de Janeiro, 26 October.

Conference | MENA inside out, Geneva, 26 September.

Colloque | Enjeux socio-politiques dans la région MENA, Conflits de développement ?, Genève, 26 septembre.

Workshop | Authors’ and Peer Reviewing Workshop on ‘ILO 100 Years’, Geneva, 14-15 September.


Conference | Measuring and monitoring implementation of the SDGs : Fit for purpose ?, Geneva, 9 June – Read the Conference Brief.

Workshop | Authors’ and Peer Reviewing Workshop on ‘Latin America, Alternative Pathways to Sustainable Development’, Geneva, 25-26 January.

Conference | Extractive Industries and Local Governance in Developing Countries : Successes and Challenges, Geneva, 18 January.


Conference | Large-Scale Land Acquisitions : Focus on South-East Asia, Geneva, 7 December – Watch the video.

Live Policy Debate | Building Transparency into African Oil, Gas and Mining, Geneva, 23 October – Watch the video.

Conference | Panel on Education in the Post-2015 Agenda, Columbia University, 24 September – Watch the video.

Workshop | Authors’ and Peer Review Workshop on ‘Conflicts of Development’, Geneva, 7-8 September.

Conference | Education and Development : Challenges and Perspectives, Geneva, 22 April – Watch the video.

Live Policy Debate | Humanitarian Action and Protection – Lessons from Sri Lanka, Geneva, 1 April 2015 – Read the background articles ; Watch the video.


Live Policy Debate | Commodity Trading and Development, Geneva, 30 October – ; watch the video.

Conférence | Agriculture et mondialisation, Marcel Mazoyer, Genève, 8 octobre – Lisez le résumé et/ou regardez la vidéo de la conférence.

Live Policy Debate | Democratisation : What is the Role of International Development Cooperation ?, Geneva, 16 September – Read the background articles ; Read the report and watch the video.

Workshop | Authors’ and Peer Reviewing Workshop on ‘Large Scale Land Acquisitions’, Geneva, 9-10 September.

Conference | North-South Research Partnerships on Politically Sensitive Issues – Addressing Risks and Responsibilities : The Land Acquisition Case, Geneva, 2 June.

Conference | Religion and Development : Faith-Based Organisations and International Cooperation, Geneva, 30 April – Watch the video.

Live Policy Debate | Failure of Aid System in Haiti ?, Geneva, 25 February – Read the background articles ; watch the video.


Workshop | Peer-Reviewing and Authors’ Workshop on ‘Education, Training and Development’, Geneva, 30 September.

Conference | Religion and the Politics of Development, Singapore, 28-29 August.


Conference | Aid, Emerging Economies and Global Policies, Beijing, 26 November – Media coverage of the conference.

Conference | Aid, Emerging Economies and Global Policies, Bern, 3 October – Read the reports and watch the videos.

Workshop | Peer-Reviewing and Authors’ Workshop on ‘Religion and Development’, Geneva, 23-24 April.


Conference | Energy and Development Symposium | Energy in India, Bangalore, 28 November – Read the report.

Conference | Energy and Development | Colloque Energie et développement, Geneva, 5 October – Read de report.


Colloque | Afrique : 50 ans d’indépendance, Développement et coopération : quelles perspectives d’avenir ? Paris, 29 octobre – Dans la presse, sur le web…

Conference | Africa : 50 years of independenceColloque | Afrique : 50 ans d’indépendance, Genève, 6 mai – Lisez la synthèse du colloque.

Live Policy Debate | Development Policies confronted by crisis…Table ronde | Les politiques de développement face aux crises… Genève, 4 mai.

Table ronde | ’50 ans après, quelle indépendance pour l’Afrique’, Salon du livre de Genève, 30 avril.

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