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12 | 2020
Drug Policies and Development

Conflict and Coexistence
Drug Policies and Development cover
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Credits: UN Photo/ Staton Winter.
ISBN 978-2-940600-16-8

The 12th volume of International Development Policy explores the relationship between international drug policy and development goals, both current and within a historical perspective. Contributions address the drugs and development nexus from a range of critical viewpoints, highlighting gaps and contradictions, as well as exploring strategies and opportunities for enhanced linkages between drug control and development programming. Criminalisation and coercive law enforcement-based responses in international and national level drug control are shown to undermine peace, security and development objectives.

Edited by Julia Buxton, Mary Chinery-Hesse and Khalid Tinasti.

Paperback reference: Julia Buxton, Mary Chinery-Hesse and Khalid Tinasti (eds.) (2020) Drug Policies and Development, Conflict and Coexistence, International Development Policy series No.12 (Geneva, Boston: Graduate Institute Publications, Brill-Nijhoff). Order your copy on Brill-Nijhoff’s website.

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