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Fachzeitschrift für Entwicklungspolitik. Veröffentlicht Artikel von Akademikern, Forschern und Entscheidungsträgern zu entwicklungpolitischen Themen. Die Zeitschrift wird vom Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Genf publiziert und ist somit eng mit den dort ansässigen internationalen Organisationen verbunden und verfolgt stets aktuelle Verhandlungen und Entwicklungen auf diesem Gebiet.

Letzte Ausgabe
14 | 2022
Governing Migration for Development from the Global Souths

Challenges and Opportunities
Cover 14 Migration
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The 14th thematic volume of International Development Policy provides perspectives through case studies from the global South(s) focusing on the challenges and opportunities of governing migration on multiple levels: the subnational, national, regional and international. It explores existing and new policies and frameworks in terms of their successes and best practices, and looks at them through the lens of additional challenges, such as those brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the rise of nationalisms and an increase in xenophobia. The chapters also take the ‘5 Ps’ approach to sustainable development (people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnerships) and assess how migration policies serve sustainable development in a rapidly evolving context.

Guest Editors: Dêlidji Eric Degila and Valeria Marina Valle.

A powerful and challenging collection that offers a depth of empirical and conceptual insight in order to demonstrate the need both to think about and understand international migration from perspectives of the ‘global south’.’
Andrew Geddes
Professor of Migration Studies/Director of the Migration Policy Centre, Migration Policy Centre / Robert Schuman Centre

Governing Migration for Development from the Global Souths is an excellent volume that addresses and unpacks the governance-migration-sustainable development nexus in the global Souths. It maps distinct ways in which global South states are involved in and create new forms of migration governance that tend to be overlooked in analyses of multilevel governance that primarily reflect the concerns of the global North.  The present volume is a must read for anyone interested in the role of the global Souths in migration governance.
Marianne H. Marchand
Research Chair in International Relations, Universidad de las Américas Puebla

Cite the volume: Dêlidji Eric Degila and Valeria Marina Valle (eds.) (2022) Governing Migration for Development from the Global Souths, International Development Policy | Revue internationale de politique de développement, 14 (Geneva, Boston: Graduate Institute Publications, Brill-Nijhoff). DOI: 10.4000/poldev.4544 (paperback version: forthcoming, Autumn 2022 -

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