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The electronic journal Ponto Urbe (ISSN 1981-3341) is biannually published by Nucleus for Urban Anthropology of the University of São Paulo, certified by Brazilian’s National Research Council (CNPq). Its purpose is to promote papers, essays, partial results of ongoing researches, and theoretical and methodological propositions on Urban Anthropology and its close fields, as well as announce academic events on those themes. It creates a new space for researchers from different Brazilian and foreign institutions, including undergraduate students, graduate and scholar researchers. Ponto Urbe has the following sections: Articles,Cir-kulaTranslation (of rare or contemporary texts, not available in Portuguese), Interviews(with renowned researchers of Brazilian Urban Anthropology), Ethnographics (field reports of ongoing researches) and Reviews. Ponto Urbe is published since 2007, with thirteen issues.

Ponto Urbe accepts contributions from non-anthropologists authors that discuss anthropological concepts, methods and research strategies as a way of enlarge the horizon of their investigations in their own areas, hosted in our section Cir-kula. The reference of Bronislaw Malinowski’s famous description of an exchange institution, later recalled by Marcell Mauss’ “Essay on the Gift”, indicates an opening to broader contacts.

Ponto Urbe was created to provide an agile media to publish academic works from different research approaches among urban themes. Our Editorial Board guideline is that since the resources of academic work are informed by public university premises, they should be available and circulate as widely as possible. Therefore, Ponto Urbe invites submissions that follow its criteria and editorial perspective, in order to democratize anthropological knowledge within a broader scientific dialogue.

Free Access Policy

Ponto Urbe does not charge for its content. Therefore, we invite libraries to list our journal in their electronic indexes.

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