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How to Submit

This journal receives the following types of submission: articles, translations, reviews, interviews, field reports, ethnographic videos, photographic essays and news. Papers can be sent to


Ponto Urbe invites the submission of original and unpublished articles related to the anthropology field in general, and to its several research threads on urban themes. Articles must have titles, 100 to 150 words length abstracts and 5 key-words (separated by semicolon), all in Portuguese and English versions. If the submission is in a foreign language, it must have title, abstract and key-words also in Portuguese. If the article has images, they must be sent inside the text body, with subtitles and authorship. Articles must have its author´s name, graduation and institutional belonging. Articles designated to Cir-kula, a section to promote papers from different fields that are in contact with Anthropology, also must follow these guidelines.


Unpublished translations of rare or contemporary anthropology works that are non-available in Portuguese are accepted. Translations must be authorizes by its author and press. Translations must its translator´s name, graduation and institutional belonging.


Ponto Urbe publishes original reviews of classical or contemporary Works in Urban Anthropology and close fields. Reviews must indicate the original reference of the reviewed word. They shouldn’t exceed 2400 words and must have its author´s name, graduation and institutional belonging.


Interviews must be original and related to anthropology field, as well as to urban experiences and interventions. Interviews must have an introduction text that should not exceed 800 words.

Field Reports (Etnográficas Section)

Ponto Urbe publishes short field reports, ethnographic experiments or reflections on ongoing works. Papers must be original and should not exceed 4000 words.

Ethnographic Videos

Must be short length (max of 9 minutes) and refer to experiences, urban interventions and similar themes. Authors must send the video´s link to Ponto Urbe’s e-mail, followed by title and presentation text that not exceed 500 words. Authors’ curriculum must be sent.

Photographic Essays

Must be relates to experiences, urban interventions and close themes, with 5 to 10 photos. The essays’ material should not exceed 5MB and must be sent by e-mail with a presentation text that not exceeds 500 words. Essays must have authors’ names and both Portuguese and English titles. In case of multiple authors, each photo must be identified by author and year. Subtitles are optional. Authors’ curriculum must be sent.

News (Etnotícias section)

News must be related to the anthropological field or to urban experiences and interventions. They must not exceed 1500 words and must have authors’ name and institutional belonging.

Submission guidelines

Submissions will be accepted on the following languages: Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, French and English.

All texts must be submitted in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx). The file must be named by section and author. Example: article_Joao_da_Silva .

Texts should be in A$ pages, 12 points Times New Roman, 1.5 cm spacing, 2.5 cm left and right margins.

Use this format for references inside the text: author’s last name/space/publishing year/colon/ page number. Example: (Sahlins, 1995: 43-47).

Direct quotations bigger than three lines should be highlighted with a smaller font size and a larger indentation, with simple spacing. Native statements’ transcriptions should follow the same rule. Example:

The law of hospitality, the express law that governs the general concept of hospitality, appears as a paradoxical law, pervertible and perverting. It seems to dictate that absolute hospitality should break with the law of hospitality as right or duty... (DERRIDA 2000:25).

Use the following formats for references, displayed in alphabetic order in the end of the paper.

  1. Book
    INGOLD, Tim. 2000. The Perception of the Environment. Essays in Livelihood, Dwelling and Skill. Londres/Nova York; Routledge, 2000.

  2. Selection
    ARANTES, Antonio Augusto (org.). 2000.
    O Espaço da Diferença. Campinas: Papirus.

  3. Selection’s article
    FERNANDES, Florestan. 1976. "Aspectos da Educação na Sociedade Tupinambá". In: E. Schaden (org.), 
    Leituras de Etnologia Brasileira. São Paulo: Cia. Editora Nacional. pp. 63-86.

  4. Journal’s article
    Pereira, Alexandre Barbosa. 2010.
    As marcas da cidade: a dinâmica da pixação em São Paulo. Lua Nova n.79: 143-162. 

  5. Academic thesis
    Pereira, Alexandre Barbosa. 2010.
    “A maior zoeira”: experiência juvenis na periferia de São Paulo. Dissertação de mestrado em Antropologia. São Paulo: FFLCH-USP.

Submission conditions

Authors should check if their submissions follow all norms before they send. Inadequate submissions will be returned to the author.

Submissions must be original and unpublished. Authors maintain the rights of their work and allow publishing rights to the journal, aware that they will be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License, therefore allowing their work to be shared, providing that the author and Ponto Urbe are referenced. As such, authors can publish their work in book chapters, summarized versions in other journals, if Ponto Urbe is properly referenced as the original source.

All contributions will be submitted to peer review. The submission of an article does not guarantee its publishing. Ponto Urbe also carries on grammar review on published articles, correcting any linguistic mistakes. Authors therefore agree with reviews and grammar checking.

Submissions must obey our Ethical Code, following the guidelines of Brazilian Anthropology Association – ABA, present at

Authors may share their work in social networks, institutional archives and personal webpages, after the article is published.

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