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Journals’ history

Ponto Urbe Journal was created in 2007 by the Urban Anthropology Center - Nau, coordinated by Prof. Dr. José Guilherme Cantor Magnani and designed by Prof. Dr. Rita de Cássia Amaral. With support of the Graduate Program in Social Anthropology of USP, the journal outstands as an important vehicle for publicizing and debating works, essays, partial results of researches and theoretical-methodological of Urban Anthropology and close areas.

Ponto Urbe has addressed the need to expand the reach of research activities and events carried out by NAU, aiming to dynamize the flow of information released and the contacts made by the center since it was created, in 1988. One of its innovations was the creation of the section Graduação em Campo (Undergraduates in the field), hosting works carried out by undergraduate students, which were presented in the seminar annually organized by NAU since 2004, for which there was little publishing and publicizing options by the time. This section is currently published as a Journal special from time to time.

In its second year, the journal has established its biannual periodicity and has expanded the accepted languages. In its fifth number, the current sections were consolidated.

During over ten years of its history, Ponto Urbe has published original works by national and international renowned anthropologists. Is has also interviewed great researchers of the area and has translated to Portuguese a significant set of academic texts that contribute to the democratization of knowledge access. All of its issues, with no interruption, are available online. Asa recognition of its editorial consistence, Ponto Urbe was evaluated as a A3 journal by CAPES (Coordination of Superior Level Staff Improvement) in 2019.

The Editorial Staff created in 2016 the cycle of debates Urbe in Focus, biannually organized at the Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Literature and Human Sciences at USP. In those events, authors that had published in a dossier are invited to present and discuss their approaches. Thus, Urbe in Focus provides a direct dialogue space between journal’s authors and readers.

Ponto Urbe Journal continuous to publish original ideas from anthropologists and researchers with common interests with different academic degrees. The journal also stimulates students to publish their first essays and researches, as well as interdisciplinary perspectives. Its aim continue to be reaching authors and readers, Social Sciences and other Human Sciences students, teachers and professors, interested in researches that discuss the multiple issues concerning urban lives in Brazil and abroad.

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