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About the journal

The aim of the Vulnerable Populations journal is to broadcast multidisciplinary research about the definition, measurement, characterization and understanding of populations in vulnerable situations.

The aim is to study, by crossing them, the various types of difficulties to which people are subjected and to consider, in a global way, the possible cumulative phenomena. The authors also endeavor to describe and analyze the pathways of these populations, from the process of vulnerabilization to possible resilience phenomena. Historical or geographical comparisons can show how vulnerability is a social phenomenon in perpetual evolution.

The editorial committee of Vulnerable Populations has chosen not to restrict a priori the scope of the notion of vulnerability , while obviously not exempting the authors from a reflection on the content of what it covers, on the way it is measured and analyzed (modes of collection, choice of indicators, instruments of decomposition, etc.) and on the practical measures of support and fight against its perverse effects (political, legal, administrative) that can be implemented within the framework of social solidarity policies.

The articles published in this review will address these questions, whether they are combined or scattered, whether they are considered centrally or more peripherally. Moreover, the objective of Vulnerable Populations will not be exclusively methodological. It also embraces the diversity of manifestations of the fate of vulnerable populations (social, economic, health, political risks, etc.) and the factors that cause them (biological, climatic, societal, historical contexts; individual deficiencies; cumulative exposure to risks; etc.). In order to take the best measure of these questions, both in terms of methods and the production of new results, the journal proposes thematic issues.

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