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« Faire voir » : la communication des connaissances, entre dire et montrer

« Faire voir » : knowledge communication, between saying and showing.
Jeanne-Marie Barbéris
p. 149-173


This paper focuses on corpus sequences where the counter clerk A explains to the trainee officer B how to handle the computer terminal that manages operations on accounts (bank-books, postal accounts…). We investigate knowledge transmission in oral interaction at three levels : textual, perceptual and interpersonal.
More precisely, we aim at studying the way contextualization operates, in particular types of propositions called synthetics, and in the pervasive expression tu vois (you see). These two types of formulation are situated respectively at a textual level (as for synthetic propositions), and at a metacommunicational level (as for the tu vois discourse particle). However, we try to show that they both pertain to the same kind of knowledge management. They allow holistic information processing, which shapes various types of knowledge into flexible and easily manipulable configurations. In relation to the addressee (trainee B), these expressions focus on information memorization. They intervene — rather than for immediate use (the learning process during which operations are only simulated) —, for future use (when the trainee effectively takes charge of the use of the computer).

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Bibliographical reference

Barbéris, J.-M. (1997) « Faire voir » : la communication des connaissances, entre dire et montrer. Cahiers de praxématique 28. Montpellier : Pulm. 149-173

Electronic reference

Jeanne-Marie Barbéris, “« Faire voir » : la communication des connaissances, entre dire et montrer”Cahiers de praxématique [Online], 28 | 1997, document 7, Online since 01 January 2015, connection on 12 June 2021. URL:; DOI:

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About the author

Jeanne-Marie Barbéris

PRAXILING, Montpellier III

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