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Analyse pragmatique et dialogique de « Casse-toi pov’con »

Pragmatic and dialogical analysis of “Casse-toi pov’con”
Caroline Mellet and Frédérique Sitri
p. 105-122


Our paper addresses the pragmatic characteristics of the dialogical restatement of a conventional insult. To do so, we analyze the utterance “casse-toi pov’con” written on a poster held by a socialist sympathiser, Hervé Eon, during Nicolas Sarkozy’s official visit in the city of Laval in august 2008. Firstly, we focus on N. Sarkozy’s “Casse-toi alors pauvre con” uttered at the Agricultural Show and the numerous re-uses it was put to in order to analyse the ways a speech event is constructed within the national and international political sphere. We then analyze Hervé Eon’s recycled statement, showing that its enunciative features and pragmatical status are problematic. Is the person carrying the poster responsible for the statement ? Or should it be traced back to N. Sarkozy’s initial the utterrance, interpreted as free direct speech, and simply quoted by H. Eon ? If the answer is the latter, then what sort of a speech act is accomplished by poster carrying H. Eon ? In conclusion, we explore the social issues that this utterance highlights and creates at the same time.

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Bibliographical reference

Mellet, C., Sitri, F. (2012) Analyse pragmatique et dialogique de « Casse-toi pov’con ». Cahiers de praxématique 58. Montpellier : Pulm. 105-122

Electronic reference

Caroline Mellet and Frédérique Sitri, « Analyse pragmatique et dialogique de « Casse-toi pov’con » »Cahiers de praxématique [Online], 58 | 2012, document 4, Online since 01 January 2015, connection on 04 December 2020. URL: ; DOI :

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About the authors

Caroline Mellet

Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense, Modyco UMR 7114

By this author

Frédérique Sitri

Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense, Modyco UMR 7114

By this author

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