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Editorial project of the Revue de primatologie

Rationale of the editorial project

Following the discontinuation of the paper journal ‘Primatologie’ (latest issue: Volume 6, 2004), the Société Francophone de Primatologie (SFDP) has studied ways of launching again a scientific publication in French intended to promote, amplify and fulfill SFDP commitments (link). Since 1998, SFDP has added to its services to members, the delivery of the journal 'Primatologie'. As such, SFDP had to resume such a publication. The new electronic version of the ‘Revue de primatologie’ comes explicitly in the continuity of the paper journal ‘Primatologie’.

Editorial project

The objectives of the ‘Revue de primatologie’ are several. The Revue de primatologie aims first to unite the French-speaking community of primatologists and to broaden its resonance. If we consider that primatology is at the crossroad of disciplines as diverse as human sciences, ecology, paleontology, cognitive sciences, neurosciences and biomedical sciences, the ‘Revue de primatologie’ is a place of exchange and interaction of choice for these different disciplines. However, the ambition of the ‘Revue de primatologie’ goes beyond: the journal aims to satisfy a legitimate request of information on primatology in a form accessible to a variety of audiences, while ensuring sound scientific standard which is crucial to its success.
To achieve these objectives, we chose a combination of empirical and theoretical articles, some of them being grouped in special thematic sections. Thus, each issue will include original articles or reviews, and one or more special section whose aim is to focus on major questions in primatology. The articles can be submitted and published either in French or English language. The journal will provide a medium in which primatologists - or other people interested in primatology - offer ideas, suggest, criticize, and thereby make advancing the discipline. Of course, published texts can receive responses that will be published as articles or letters. Finally, the journal aims to increase the visibility of SFDP by publishing information directly related to its functioning and its activities.
Members of the editorial board are leading scientists active and competent in the various areas of primatology. They assist the editors in their functions. Emphasis has been placed on integrating in the editorial board a fair number of foreign scientists.
The orientation of a scientific journal does not depend solely on the will of its editorial team. It depends also largely on the involvement of the scientific community that accepts it and publishes in it. The Revue de primatologie draw ideas of thematic to develop from the work done upstream as part of the annual SFDP symposia, which have been organized in total continuity for more than 20 years (
link). We therefore wish to encourage any person which helps developing the journal and helps making it known. Be here also thanked all those who contributed actively through the experience of the paper journal ‘Primatologie’ to demonstrate the feasibility of such a project. Our hope is that the ‘Revue de primatologie’ will have a long-term viability across a flexible and modern technical medium, while keeping a high scientific standard thus reflecting the dynamism of the French primatology.
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