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Dossier. L'antibiorésistance, un problème en quête de publics

The paradoxes of antibiotic resistance

Jocelyne Arquembourg
Traduction de Richard Dickinson
Cet article est une traduction de :
Les paradoxes de l’antibiorésistance

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A social problem and a public problem
Problem of public health and public health problem
Information, communication and interdisciplinarity
The Welfare State and the common good

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The antibiotic paradox was a phrase first used by Stuart B. Levy in 1992 but it seems more relevant than ever now because everything about these drugs is indeed paradoxical. It was seen as a miracle drug during the whole of the second half of the xxth century and its unrestricted and uncontrolled use led bacteria to develop forms of resistance with the result that today antibiotics are failing in a dangerously increasing number of cases. This usage has led to a situation which some compare to a “shipwreck” (Andremont, 2014). Antibiotic resistance has thus become a subject of concern for the medical world and for patients, for livestock farmers and vets and for the authorities. However this level of concern did not appear in the same way or at the same time in all these sectors. There has yet to have been a large-scale major initiative to fight against the unified problem of antibiotic resistance in all the fields in which it appears. These chains of paradoxes and their complexity ar...

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Jocelyne Arquembourg, « The paradoxes of antibiotic resistance », Questions de communication [En ligne], 29 | 2016, mis en ligne le 30 juin 2016, consulté le 15 décembre 2018. URL :

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Jocelyne Arquembourg

Communication, informations, médias
Université Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris 3

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