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31 | 2017
Humanités numériques, corpus et sens

Digital Humanities, Corpora and Meaning
Couverture Questions de communication 31
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602 pages
ISBN 9782814303256

This Issue studies the digital humanities and the meaning in relation to textual corpora. The Exchanges pursue the discussion on the narratology and open a new one on the values. The Research Notes cover the computerized analysis of movie review, the burn out’s mediatization, how the novels deal with the historical reality, the testimony in advertising and the transidentity in erotica. In Original Version (here, in English), Hartmut Rosa shows the structural features which lead the societies into growth, innovation and acceleration. He presents also an alternative conception of the good life, based on the concept of resonance. The Book Reviews offer succinct overviews and analyses of publications in the field of information and communication.


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