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Questions de communication is a biannual (double-blind) peer-reviewed  academic journal that promotes deepening or renewing of approaches on a theme – issue’s subject – through contributions referring to different scientific traditions. Based on pluralism, it provokes debates on concepts and methods used in works dealing with information-communication (Exchanges, Research Notes). At last, paying attention to an international dimension, it aims an increase of knowledge circulation and of comparative dynamics, including the rubric In Original Version, Focus and reviews of French and foreign books. Proceedings are published in Questions de communication • série actes series.

As soon as an issue is published, the introductions more the Book Reviews are available in full text and open access.

Journal supported by the Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS)

Latest issue
33 | 2018
Le genre des controverses

Gender of the Controversies
Couverture Questions de communication 33
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Credits : Photographie de Marie-Lan Nguyen (Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY 3.0)

This Issue analyses gender controversies and show the ideological transformations and the redefinition of political antagonisms by media dispositifs they involve. The Exchanges on values sociology end. The Research Notes cover the use of stereotypes in intercultural communication, the Egyptian private press, the building and flow of media framings of two right-wing extremist groups, the identity fluctuations in fictional devices and a new publication model in the DVD industry. In Original Version, are examined new uses of smartphones by Syrian refugees in Turkey. The Focus  is on Médiarchie by Yves Citton and on The Domestication of the Savage Mind by Jack Goody. The Book Reviews offer succinct overviews and analyses of publications in the field of information and communication.