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Questions de communication is a biannual (double-blind) peer-reviewed  academic journal that promotes deepening or renewing of approaches on a theme – issue’s subject – through contributions referring to different scientific traditions. Based on pluralism, it provokes debates on concepts and methods used in works dealing with information-communication (Exchanges, Research Notes). At last, paying attention to an international dimension, it aims an increase of knowledge circulation and of comparative dynamics, including the rubric In Original Version, Focus and reviews of French and foreign books. Proceedings are published in Questions de communication • série actes series.
As soon as an issue is published, the introductions more the Book Reviews are available in full text and open access.
Journal supported by the Centre de recherche sur les médiations (Université de Lorraine)

Latest issue
42 | 2022
Explorations, nouvelles frontières ?

Explorations, new frontiers ?
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Credits: RELEASE: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI / Nathan Engelmann (Crem)

In the Issue, the authors examine the new frontiers in scientific institutions, space exploration or society fields. In the Exchanges, several contributors respond to the question of urgency in research initiated in Issue 40. Six Research Notes deal with geolocation among teenagers, skeptical debunking videos, the mechanisms of prestige on social networks, the Spanish press treatment of torture, the labels of cultural industries and the academic form. In Original Version hosts an article on African-American combatants stationed in France during World War I. The Focus section offers an in-depth reading of The Rape of the the Masses by Political Propaganda by S. Chakhotin. Finally, the Book Reviews section reports on 56 publications.

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