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Research in the teaching and learning of second and foreign languages and cultures is an interdisciplinary field with roots in a range of disciplinary domains which reflect the diversity of languages and cultures.

The journal Recherches en didactique des langues et des cultures (Research in Teaching of Second/Foreign Languages and Cultures – RDLC) was founded in 2004 and publishes two issues per year on theoretical, practice-related and interdisciplinary issues concerning the teaching of second and foreign languages and cultures. Topics include pedagogical practice, representations and modes of appropriation of languages and cultures acquired after or in relation to a first language for different purposes and in different contexts.

RDLC holds a particular position among journals devoted to language teaching research since:

  • it concerns different languages and plurilingualism, rather than one specific foreign/second language;

  • it adopts a deliberately generalist orientation to the acquisition and learning of languages and cultures, rather than targeting a specific audience, teaching/learning context or geographical location;

  • it actively promotes language plurality as well as a pluralist perspective on research in the social sciences and humanities.

RDLC was created as an open access journal to offer a forum for new and established researchers, as well as for practitioners, including language teachers, educators and teacher educators.

The journal publishes two issues per year and occasional additional special issues. Most issues focus on a specific theme, and are often but not exclusively associated with Acedle meetings such as the biennial conference and colloquium. There is no publication fee and unsolicited submissions in form of articles, reviews, pedagogical accounts, and proposals for thematic issues are welcome.

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