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Intended for researchers, trainers, teachers, French and foreign academics, the journal Recherche et Formation enables recent research, experiments, innovations, publications, and events in the field of education to be made known. The articles published by Recherche et Formation are scientific papers that present research results; they are accepted on the basis of established procedures used by scientific journals and approved by the Haut Conseil de l’évaluation de la recherche et de l’enseignement supérieur (HCERES).

Latest issue
85 | 2017
La revue Recherche & formation a 30 ans

Numéro spécial
The journal Recherche & formation is thirty

This exceptional issue allows to rediscover the journal’s main topics since its creation through four major courses, three interviews and a reading report. The courses synthesize selected articles, widely cited, written throughout these thirty years, around four major topics: the journal’s project, the relations between research and training; teacher training, the main topic addressed by the journal at the beginning; diversification of fields, towards social work, health, adult training, in-company training; finally, the principal theoretical notions used in the reflection. The interviews allow the expression of three heads of the publication, making it possible to evoke institutional and intellectual journal’s history. Conceived and realized by the current scientific committee, it wants to be the witness of the continuities and evolutions of its reflection. Above all, it wishes to be an invitation to read or review all of the journal’s productions, as well as a continued conversation with contributors and a tribute to those who have disappeared.