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35 | 2019
Des normes pour enseigner. Mises à l'épreuve et mises en œuvre

Edited by Patrick Rayou

The so-called "school crisis", resulting from its massification and increased role in preparing for adulthood, has given way to a blurring of the norms that governed it in previous periods. This special issue aims to show that, far from disappearing, norms are necessarily always present in educational activities but that it is important to find ways of grasping their reconstruction rather than their dissolution. Each of the studies that compose it tackles these questions in different ways. Far from assimilating the normative universe of the school to a universal and timeless model, they focus on its emerging modes of organization, whether the latter are encouraged by central authorities or by local actors. They highlight the importance of devices and of intermediate norms in a general movement of school reconfiguration. Many crossbreeds are at work mixing norms not free of doxas, that teachers prescribe to themselves but also norms influenced by students’ and parents’ values and practices which actively participate to the everyday construction of schools.

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