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Created in 2006, Recherches en éducation is a quarterly journal published by the University of Nantes. It publishes scientific research in the field of education and training. The journal is open to all contributory disciplines in the educational sciences.

The issues 1 (2006) à 35 (2019) are available on “Previous issues”:

Latest issue
41 | 2020
Apprendre avec le cœur : les émotions dans la formation enseignante

Edited by Catherine Audrin

"Learning from the heart": if this saying takes its full meaning today, emotions have long been banned from learning and more generally from "reason". Today, however, they are at the heart of different learning contexts. In this special issue, we focus on the emotions felt by learners and how such emotions can be integrated in teacher education. In particular, the following questions are asked: What are the emotions felt by learners and how can future teacher foster positive emotions? What are the emotions of future teachers in their training and practice? How do emotions take part to their change of identity? How can future teachers be sensitize of their own emotions, in particular to protect them from burnout? What emotions can be felt in a context of training in creativity and its pedagogy?

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