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13 | 1er semestre / Spring 2013
Économie politique de l’Asie (1)

Political Economy of Contemporary Asia (1)
Edited by Pierre Alary and Elsa Lafaye de Micheaux

Heterodox analysis of Asian development is not new, as shown in the intellectual history of Ha-Joon Chang, retraced in the interview of this special issue, but there is still room for a great deal of in-depth analysis. This research is necessary because of the scale of the vast, extremely diverse economic region covered and the rapidity of the changes taking place, as well as the lack of knowledge concerning it in France.

This issue devoted to contemporary Asian political economy echoes our special section on Capitalisms in Latin America, from economics to politics, published in Spring 2012. For these two continents in the throes of globalisation, the main question raised by Regulation theory – namely the mechanisms underlying the cohesiveness and viability of capitalist economies – assumes particular importance. In both instances, the economies studied are characterised by an abundance of institutional architectures feeding the diversity of capitalisms. >> read more