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Publishing ethics

Designation of reviewers

In its choice of outside reviewers and of the in-house reader (tasked with monitoring and summarizing reviewers’ reports) the Revue de la régulation is careful:

  1. not to assign a paper to a reviewer or reader who is known to be in rivalry with the author of the paper, which would threaten both the anonymity and objectivity of the report;

  2. not to assign a paper to a reviewer or reader who is too close to the author intellectually, institutionally, or personally, which might jeopardize an objective evaluation;

  3. to select reviewers with complementary areas of competence, especially when the paper is interdisciplinary.

Review quality and relevance (especially for negative reviews)

The Revue de la régulation is also careful:

  1. to evaluate the relevance and quality of reviews received. If a report fails to meet the Journal’s criteria, the paper is sent to a new reviewer;

  2. to see that the reviewer’s language does not appear insulting or disparaging for the author. If necessary the journal amends the form (smoothing) of the reviews sent to the author without altering the substance or the line of argument;

  3. if the author of the paper challenges the quality and relevance of the reviews with supporting arguments, the editorial board may, after reading and discussing the paper and reviews, appoint other outside reviewers.

Support for young academics

The Revue de la régulation is careful to promote the work of young academics. Considering that the output of a less experienced academic may be reflected in the initial version by clumsiness, oversight, or lack of perspective:

  1. in such cases the Journal banks on the room for improvement of the paper and therefore provides more support for the author at each stage in the process, investing in particular in highly detailed recommendations for subsequent versions. There may be more such recommendations than for a paper by a confirmed academic.

  2. the final version of the paper must nonetheless comply with the same criteria as to form and substance as any other paper published in the journal.