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About this Journal

The Régulation Review. Capitalism, Institutions, Powers is an international, peer-reviewed, JEL-refereed, econlit-listed journal.

The journal seeks to provide a forum for research in the field of regulationist studies and, more broadly, for the full spectrum of institutionalist approaches in economics and beyond. The journal seeks above all to foster a broad discussion that includes other social sciences such as economic sociology, history, political science, management, etc.

Indeed, a historicized and socially grounded understanding of political economy appears more necessary than ever for a deeper understanding of the alternatives for economic policies and the strategic evolution of business, as well as their effects at the micro, meso, and macro levels. Sustaining global thinking about the transformation of capitalism, given the scales and diversity of its reconfigurations, means bringing together work from a variety of horizons. The journal welcomes research articles in English or French that focus on descriptions of the structural forms of contemporary capitalisms and on investigation of the new dynamics that are involved, as well as on the theoretical and methodological tools that enable these phenomena to be better understood. The review’s ambition is to take into account the most characteristic dimensions of contemporary changes, in particular:

  • Globalization and the constitution of new inter- and intra-state assemblies;

  • New forms of regulation which are set up at various levels (regional, State-Nation, but also new forms of sectorial or territorial regulations);

  • Factors likely to generate new forms of crises, particularly demographic and ecological questions;

  • Integration or marginalisation of countries in the southern hemisphere within contemporary capitalism;

  • New prospects for non-standard micro-economics, organizational studies;

  • Dynamic models…

Various types of texts will be published (after submission to the Reading Panel, RP, or Editorial Board, EB):

  • Scientific articles (RP with referee)

  • View point: opinion – debates – notes related to economic current events (EB)

  • Book and conference reports (EB)

  • PhD presentation (EB)

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