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2 | Janvier / January 2008

This is the second issue of the Revue de la Régulation/ Régulation Review. Capitalism. Institutions. Powers. It is meant to be an illustration of the editorial line we have chosen, namely, to continue – and renew – the discussion of analyses and issues already explored by Regulationist theory on the one hand and to initiate debate around new topics on the other. Indeed, these are the signs of a research programme open to new sources of inspiration and the dialogue with studies which might not be associated at first glance with Regulationist approaches.

The article by Yannick Lung, which offers an agenda for Regulationist research around the analysis of the firm, and those by Anne Fretel, which sheds particular light on the constitution of the social state, like that of Bernard Billaudot , which provides a theoretical analysis of the social state, reflect the first editorial stance.

The article by Frédéric Varone, Stéphane Nahrath et Jean-David Gerber, which presents a framework for analysing institutional resource regimes, with an application to soil management in Switzerland, falls within the second approach. This study – but we might also mention Martino Nieddu ’s review of a somewhat provocatively titled book resulting from a conference organised at the Cérisy International Cultural Centre –, addresses the question of sustainable development, a research effort which, as our readers may have noticed, was initiated in the first issue of the Revue with the publication of Sandrine Rousseau and Bertrand Zuindeau’s programmatic essay on Regulationist theory and sustainable development. As of now, sustainable development is essentially treated in terms of environmental issues. But another group of studies presented in the Revue de la Régulation might also come within this theme, namely Florence Palpacuer’s article in this issue on transnational networks of firms and NGOs and, to refer back to the preceding issue once again, the study by Catherine Bodet and Thomas Lamarche on corporate social responsibility. Socially responsible investments and the ‘partnerships’ between firms and ONGs are in fact some of the responses provided by the world of business and management to the question of sustainable development. And we can well imagine that other articles bearing on the different aspects of this vast question will follow in coming issues of the Review.