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3/4 | 2e semestre/Autumn 2008
Normes et institutions de la finance

Standards and Institutions of Finance

The publication of this double issue of the Revue de la Régulation. Régulation Review marks an important step in the evolution of our editorial policy. Without sacrificing the diversity necessary to a generalist journal, the Editorial Board has decided to undertake the publication of special issue devoted to specific questions. These thematic sections are the result of initiatives carried out in collaboration with various researchers on the basis of existing conference papers or calls for submissions. They are jointly realised under the direction of an editorial committee made up of an equal number of representatives of the project organisers and our Editorial Board. The editorial committee makes a pre-selection of the articles it considers most interesting and evaluates them according to the same criteria as those applied to regular submissions for the ‘Varia’ section. The special sections are then prepared under the supervision of the project organisers.

This first thematic section deals with ‘Standards and institutions of finance’, a central issue for all those interested in the analysis of the position and role of finance in the modes of regulation of economies. It should be noted, however, that the section was conceived before the subprime crisis and its repercussions and is therefore not intended to characterise the present financial crisis, much less detail the processes involved. It provides useful historical benchmarks, establishes a genealogy of financialisation and examines the latter’s consequences at the level of several national economies (France, Brazil, Korea), but also discusses the issues at stake from both theoretical and practical standpoints through the question of accounting standards.

In order to reply more directly to the questions raised by the most recent development, we have issued a call for submissions in view of a day-long seminar to be held at the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (MSH) Paris-Nord and the subsequent publication of a dossier in Spring 2009 (see the call ). We are hoping for a large turnout (many replies have already been received): the deadline for proposals is 31 December 2008.