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5 | 1er semestre / Spring 2009
Crise du capitalisme financier

The Crisis of Finance Capitalism

Will heterodox theories, and Regulation theory in particular, gain a new lease on life with the official recognition of the crisis (and its high media visibility)? After all, Regulation theory was born in the 1970s in another context of crisis. The dialectical relationship between growth and crisis, between capitalism as regime and its crises, offers a methodological tool. And it is also worth recalling the distinction established in 1979, and which has flourished ever since, between minor and major crises.(1) Within this typology, the financial crisis which became evident to everyone in September 2008 is clearly a major crisis, namely a period marked by the impossibility for a capitalism handed over to deregulated finance to permit sustainable growth and any long-term situation of full employment. (...)